Introduction to Calsmelt

We are pleased to be able to introduce you to a new carbothermic process for aluminium smelting that operates with high efficiency at temperatures around 500°C below the preferred temperatures for the Alcoa (ARP) carbothermic smelting process.

Calsmelt Pty Ltd, holds an exclusive license to the global commercialization rights for this process.  The IP which defines the process is fully owned by Thermical IP Pty Ltd.

Calsmelt is seeking to  commercialize its Thermical™ technology by introducing the technology to prospective development partners, including process engineering companies, the major aluminium producers and certain private investors.

Calsmelt’s findings regarding the carbothermic production of aluminium based on the Thermical™ concept are summarized on this site in a non-confidential introduction.  Please note that this parallels the company's completion of the “concept proof” stage of Thermical™’s technology development.

All results obtained to date have been described elsewhere in much more detail in an extensive confidential manuscript.  That document may be made available to interested parties under suitable confidentiality arrangements.  

It should be noted that the discoveries developed to smelt aluminium via this process are quite specific to the Thermical™ aluminium carbothermic technology and are unrelated to any other known current research or processes, which may be presently undergoing trials elsewhere. The initial theory and the subsequently proposed Thermical™ concept have their starting point in the open literature on carbothermic aluminium smelting technology.

The current objective of Calsmelt Pty Ltd is to seek the most appropriate approach to take the Thermical™ technology from its current state through to the point of full commercial introduction.